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Monday, 23 November 2020 15:52

Indonesia Against Oil Palm Discrimination in Europe

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Indonesia will continue to fight discrimination against its palm oil by the European Union. Indonesian Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi emphasized this in her speech at the virtual Jakarta Food Security Summit-5, Thursday (19/11). According to her, this discriminatory act is against the principles of partnership and collaboration promoted by Indonesia. She ensured that this problem would be faced firmly by Indonesia.

Palm oil is a leading commodity that forms the backbone of Indonesia's economy. The export value reached 23 billion US dollars last year. Retno Marsudi said, a few days ago she  had communicated with the European Commission's High Representative-Vice President Josep Borrell to discuss the importance of increasing partnerships with each other and resolving the issue of discrimination in Indonesian oil palm. During the talk, Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi conveyed the importance of a stronger partnership and resolving the issue of discrimination against Indonesian palm oil. She  ensured that Indonesia will always communicate openly with the European Union to resolve the oil palm issue. What Indonesia wants is only one, namely fair treatment of Indonesian palm oil. According to Retno Marsudi Indonesia wants to have a stronger partnership with the European Union, which has been a natural partner for a long time, because the two parties shared the same views on many issues.

Apart from palm oil, Retno Marsudi also ensured that she would continue to oversee various leading Indonesian commodities that experienced injustice in the global market, such as coffee, tea and rubber. She  emphasized that Indonesian diplomacy does not want to remain silent and will continue to stand tall and defend national interests.

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