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Monday, 30 November 2020 14:01

Korpri Professionalism amid Covid-19 Pandemic

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November 29 is commemorated every year in Indonesia as the Day of the Indonesian Civil Service Corps (Korpri). Korpri is an organization that  brings together all employees of the Republic of Indonesia whose members consist of the State Civil Apparatuses, employees of State-Owned Enterprises, Regional-Owned Enterprises and their subsidiaries.

The roles and progress of Korpri members always change over time. In the New Order era during the reign of President Soeharto, Korpri was used as a tool to protect the government in power. However, since the reform era in 1998, Korpri has turned into a neutral organization, which does not take sides with certain political parties.

This year, Korpri is commemorating its 49th anniversary. With increasing age, it is hoped that all Korpri members can improve their performance in their services, especially services to the public. Especially amid the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, employees who are members of Korpri are required to provide maximum services to the public. This is in accordance with the theme of the 2020 Korpri Day, namely "Contribute, Serve and Unite the Nation".

In a speech delivered virtually at the peak of Korpri's 49th anniversary, Sunday (29/11), President Joko Widodo saw the momentum of the Covid-19 pandemic as an opportunity for Korpri, especially the State Civil Apparatuses to do various things in improving themselves. One of the expected improvements includes the transformation from a long and cumbersome procedure or red tape in doing things to a more concise one by taking advantage of advances in information technology.

The pandemic has indeed forced people to work from home with all difficulties and limitations. However, this should not be a barrier for government employees in providing services. On the contrary, with information technology, services can be provided more quickly, effectively and efficiently. The Indonesian Civil Service Corps must remain professional in carrying out their duties even amid the pandemic.

Korpri members must also be neutral so that professionalism is maintained. Especially before the Regional Head Election which will be held on 9 December. According to the law, Korpri members must always be neutral, prohibited from participating in practical politics and taking side with any political party or a candidate for regional head.

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