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Wednesday, 02 December 2020 13:54

New Antogan

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Banyuwangi tourism destinations continue to grow. Now, Banyuwangi has a national tourism destination, New Antogan located in Bunder Village, Kabat District, Banyuwangi, East Java. Antogan has actually been known by Banyuwangi residents for a long time. Antogan is chosen as a national tourism destination, because this place has a strong history in which the Banyuwangi people fought against the colonialists. Historically, Antogan was a gathering place for Banyuwangi fighters to fight against Dutch colonialist. At this place, there are many hiding passages that are located among the large rocks that surround the Antogan waterfall. Antogan was also known as the place for Rempek Jogopati, the leader of the Bayu War when the VOC began to occupy Blambangan for meditation. Before fighting against the Dutch, Rempeg Jogopati conducted a ritual meditation at the Antogan waterfall to pray for Allah's blessing to win the war.

A 7- meter high New Antogan waterfall offers a beautiful view of a clear waterfall, shady trees leading to the waterfall, as well as swimming pool facilities and an entertainment stage for tourists. Banyuwangi Regent, Abdullah Azwar Anas appreciates the residents who continue to be creative in advancing their area, including the Antogan manager who re-branded this tourism destination. Building tourism does not have to be a permanent building, but with the many trees that grow in this tourism area, tourists can breathe fresh and clean air, especially during this pandemic. Outdoor tourism is now the main choice of tourists. Antogan, which is surrounded by many trees, is expected to grow more rare trees so that tourists can also get education besides traveling.

Since it was built independently in 1987 by local people, New Antogan has become a favorite place for tourists because of its unspoiled waterfall. Many local people build various facilities around the tourism attraction, such as food stalls and kid playing grounds. There are a lot of tourism potentials that can attract tourists. The regional government rebuilt its Antogan by embedding the name of a New Antogan. It is hoped that the New Antogan can attract many tourists, both domestic and foreign ones to visit and enjoy the natural beauty of this place. If you are interested in spending your vacation in New Antogan, you must apply the health protocols by wearing a mask, washing hands with soap and keeping distance.

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