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Government supports Egy to play in Europe Featured

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The Youth and Sports Affairs Ministry has expressed its support to Egy Maulana Vikri, a top player of Indonesia`s under-19s national soccer team to become a professional player in Europe. The Youth and Sports Affairs Minister Imam Nahrawi said that the ministry will support Egy`s ambition to play in Europe and other part of the world. They make room for him to choose which club and country are appropriate. The minister made the statement in a gathering with the players of Timnas U-19 recently. Egy (17) is currently studying in the Sports Vocational Schools (SKO) in Ragunan, Jakarta. The minister explained that Egy of course has consideration to choose a certain football club and country in Europe, such as the aspects of psychology and language. He still has one to two months to decide the club and the country to play with. Nahrawi, however, reminded Egy, despite the support,  to be ready to strengthen the national football team if the country needs him. He noted that playing everywhere is a citizen`s right, but if the national team needs him, including in the 18th Asian Games games, Egy must go home and strengthen the national team. In addition to Egy, the Youth and Sports Affairs Ministry will also supports other young players to play abroad in a bid to get additional experience and technical capability. (antara)

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