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Wednesday, 06 January 2021 17:06

China’s Success in Overcoming Corona

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Entering the days at the beginning of 2021, the Corona Covid-19 virus continues to spread. Governments whose countries have been hit by the pandemic are busy working hard to overcome it. Data from Worldometers shows that throughout the world there is still an increase in the spread of Corona Covid19 virus and the number of infected humans. The latest data from Wikipedia records that the number of infected victims has reached 86.2 million, 1.87 million died and 48.4 million people were declared cured.

Other data shows that the spread of Corona Covid-19 virus on the African continent is recorded very little compared to western European countries, Russia, the United States, Latin America and Asia. Globally, the United States is the country with the highest positive confirmation of Corona Covid19, which has reached over 20.5 million people. In second place, India, with the infection rate reaching more than 10 million people. The third country that recorded the most cases of both infections and the increase per day is Brazil, followed by Russia and France. Compared to the population in the United States, India, Brazil and Russia, France is actually a country in the Western European region which is badly hit. The continuing increase in the number of infected has prompted the concerned government to continue to work hard to overcome this global pandemic. Meanwhile, Britain, which is close to France, has returned to lockdown due to the discovery of a new virus variant which is said to be spreading much faster than Covid-19.

It cannot be denied, the Corona Covid-19 virus pandemic has had a very massive impact, especially economically. A large number of infected countries are now mobilizing their financial resources to tackle it. The amount spent on prevention, treatment and the purchase of vaccines to prevent Covid 19 in 2021 is not small.

Countries that can handle Covid-19 well can be said to be lucky. China, for example, was the first country hit by Covid 19. Now, despite still keeping its vigilance, the country is no longer as busy as other large countries that are ranked high in Covid 19 infection. China has even been able to not only produce vaccines, but also export them to various countries including Indonesia.

China's success is actually interesting to be used as a lesson in making policies in overcoming Covid-19. One of the most populous countries in the world, China has been able to successfully overcome Corona Covid-19, even rise economically and produce vaccines that are used by other countries.

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