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Wednesday, 06 January 2021 17:09

Bonan Dolok Village

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Samosir Island in North Sumatra, which is geographically an 'island on an island', was formed due to volcanic activity. The island, which has an altitude of 1,000 meters above sea level, is currently attracting attention as a tourism destination for both domestic and foreign tourists. As one of the largest provinces in Indonesia, you can find a variety of tourism charms, beginning from nature, culture, history, until special culinary. Each tourism spot has an interesting story and uniqueness to know. Legendary stories are another attraction. One of the exotic places that you can visit while in North Sumatra is a village, namely Bonan Dolok. Bonan Dolok Village is located in Sianjur Mula-mula District, Samosir Regency. This village on the shores of Lake Toba has an extraordinary charm. This beautiful destination is similar to Pergasingan Hill in Lombok. Traditional houses, rice fields and beautiful nature surrounded by green hills will be interesting scenery in this village. The rice fields here are very green and there is never a shortage of water because the water from two waterfalls near this area always flows. The hills around this village are very comfortable to climb. From the top of the hill, you can watch a beautiful view around the village with Lake Toba that stretches out.

Bonan Dolok village has three exotic waterfalls which are located close each other. One of the three waterfalls, Sitapigagan is the most popular and frequently visited by tourists. Sitapigagan Waterfall has its own uniqueness. The water flows through the hillside with a slope of about 60 degress and looks like a water slide. The water in Sitapigagan waterfall is a bit dark red and many people think it's dirty. However, if the water is put into a container such as a glass bottle, the water is clear. The pool under this waterfall is only as high as an adult's chest. The place is so nice and still so beautiful and natural. There are no facilities here yet. We recommend that you bring all the necessaries you need, including mealsfood and drinks.

Next to Sitapigagan Waterfall, there is Aek Sibottar Waterfall which is also beautiful. Here you can also refresh yourself after a long trip to the village of Bonan Dolok.

To get to the Sitapigagan waterfall location, you can go through 2 routes. The first route is by boat from Pangururan port to Bonan Dolok which takes about 1 hour and costs 300 thousand rupiah. The second one is by motor vehicles which take about 45 minutes. Nowadays, it is quite easy to find Dolok Bonan Village because there are many directions posted on the side of the road.

To preserve the village of Bonan Dolok and several waterfalls in this area, the Indonesian government has inaugurated Bonan Dolok village as a tourism village in North Sumatra so that the development of tourism destinations in the area and also the economic life of its people is helped through the tourism sector.

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