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A gentle breeze, cool air will welcome you to this tourism spot. One of the best spots to enjoy the beauty of Lake Toba is at Huta Ginjang. Huta Ginjang comes from Batak language; 'huta' means village and 'ginjang' means above. Huta Ginjang offers views of Lake Toba from an altitude of 1,555 meters above sea level. Huta Ginjang is located in Muara District, North Tapanuli Regency, North Sumatra, and is one of the tourism attractions to enjoy the view of Lake Toba. This place offers views that are as beautiful as other toursim spots, such as Merek or Tomok Samosir. Since the first time you arrive, you will be immediately presented with a view that immediately shows the beauty of the vast Lake Toba.

At Huta Ginjang, you can also take photos with Lake Toba as the background. Besides enjoying the beauty of one location, you can also enjoy the view from a hang glider or a hanging kite. If you are brave enough, you can do this activity to see the beauty of Lake Toba and its surroundings while hovering over it. Along the way, you will see a beautiful pine forest. If you want to go to Huta Ginjang, you are recommended when the sun is still visible. Because if it's too early the fog will cover the entire panorama, so you cannot see the view. Likewise in the afternoon, the fog will fall. If you are lucky, you can also see the beautiful sunset from the corner of Huta Ginjang. Unfortunately, in the rainy season, this tourism spot is often covered in fog. Generally, the fogging time ranges from 15 minutes to 30 minutes. Afterwards, it will return to normal and the sun will shine again. Huta Ginjang also provides binoculars that facilitate visitors to see some of the other tourism objects from Huta Ginjang.

To get to Huta Ginjang is very easy; you can directly rent a car at Sisingamangaraja XII Airport (Silangit Airport). The surrounding community provides car rental at various prices according to the selected tourism destination. If you go to Huta Ginjang, prepare Rp 50,000 to IDR 100,000 per person to rent a motor vehicle. For entrance tickets to Huta Ginjang, you also do not need to worry, because entering Huta Ginjang is free of charge. As a tourism spot, Huta Ginjang already provides quite complete facilities, from restaurants to souvenir sellers. No matter how beautiful your favorite tourism destination is, don't forget to keep implementing the set health protocols.

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