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Friday, 22 January 2021 00:00

Pesan Be Pasih culinary

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Traveling to the Dewata  island, Bali, please don't forget to enjoy its various   culinary specialties.  One of them is Pesan Be Pasih culinary. The main raw stuff of this culinary are some kinds of sea fish, such as skipjack, mahi-mahi, tuna, and others. The sea fish is processed in many ways, then it is wrapped in banana leaves.

The process of making  “Pesan Be Pasih" is not  too difficult.  To make seasonings, namely garlic, cayenne pepper, shallot, turmeric, shrimp paste, and salt are crushed. Then, this is added with Salam leaves to make the food taste more fragrant. The fish meat must first be cleaned, then cut it into cubes. After that, the pieces of fish meat can be mixed with the ground spices. The spice mixture that has been mixed with fish meat is wrapped in banana leaves, with an elongated round shape. Then, it is baked until well-cooked.

Pesan Be Pasih culinary is eaten more deliciously with warm rice. But, a long time ago, Balinese people used to eat the Pesan Be Pasih with boiled cassava or Moran rice. It's not difficult to find this culinary. The price is relatively affordable around Rp. 10,000 to Rp. 30,000 per serving.

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