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Indonesian Ambassador to Malaysia Increases Attention to the Health of Migrant Workers’ Children

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Indonesian Ambassador to Malaysia Rusdi Kirana Indonesian Ambassador to Malaysia Rusdi Kirana VOI-REZHA

In addition to improving access to education for children of Indonesian Migrant Workers in Malaysia, the Government of Indonesia is also working to increase its nutritional intake and access to health care for them. Therefore, the Indonesian Government through the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia (KBRI) Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in cooperation with the Ministry of Health will provide additional nutrient intake of vitamins and other food support for migrant workers’ children.

“Well now our concern is health. If we visit the plantations, we can see many children are stunting due to lack of nutrition. I have spoken with the Indonesian Migrant workers, with Social Security Administrator Board (BPJS), I will also talk to all people including the Minister of Health to provide vitamins. It can be milk, milk we give, we share. Then vitamins, and then we will strive with third parties to provide them nutrition,” Indonesian Ambassador to Malaysia Rusdi Kirana said in his press conference after inaugurating 17 Community Learning Centers (CLC) in Sarawak, Malaysia on Friday 16 March in Miri, Sarawak.

Ambassador Rusdi Kirana added that the effort is a way to realize the biggest dream of improving the welfare of Indonesian society. They can live well in their own country, without having to earn a fortune in other country with illegal status. (VOI/Rezha/AHM)

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