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Monday, 22 February 2021 08:38

New Neighbor

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Voice of Indonesia presents Let’s Speak Indonesian, a program that introduces the Indonesian vocabulary and guides you to speak in the language. Mari Berbahasa Indonesia or Let’s Speak Indonesian is a joint initiative of Voice of Indonesia and the Language Development Agency of the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture.  Today’s topic is Tetangga Baru. I’m going to present you a conversation entitled “Tetangga Baru” which means “New Neighbor”. Stay tuned.

Read to the conversation entitled “Tetangga Baru” which means “New Neighbor”. This conversation is between Kevin and his new neighbor.



Hai , saya Boris. Saya baru pindah hari ini .


Oh, saya Kevin.  Semoga betah di sini.

Having listened to the conversation, now I am going to introduce some vocabulary and expressions related to the topic of the day.


(2X) which means


baru pindah

(2X) which means

just moved

hari ini

(2X) which means


saya baru pindah hari ini

(2X) which means

I just moved today

semoga Anda betah di sini

(2X) which means

I hope you enjoy living here

ibu kamu  ada?

(2X) which means

Is your mother here?

beliau baru datang

(2X) which means

she just come

beliau baru pergi

(2X) which means

she just left

In the dialog, you listen to the statement “Saya baru pindah hari ini” (2X) which means I just moved today. InIndonesian, the word baru (2X) which means just is used to state an event which just happened.To state the thing, the word baru is followed by a verb such as pindah (2X) which means move, pergi (2X) which means go and datang (2X) which means come. For example, Saya baru pindah hari ini (2X) which means I just moved today.

Another example

Another example of the word usage of baru (2X) which means just that shows an event which just happened can be found in this following dialog.

Ibu kamu  ada? (2X) which means Is your mother here?

Ada. Beliau baru datang (2X) which means Yes, she is. She just come.

Beliau baru pergi (2X) which means She just left.

That was “Let’s Speak Indonesian for today. Hopefully, this edition can be useful for those of you who want to know more about Indonesian language

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