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Batu Angus in Ternate City

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Batu Angus in Ternate City

Batu Angus is which one of the main tourism objects in North Maluku Province is located about 10 kilometers from Ternate City. It is the most popular tourist attraction for both domestic and foreign tourists. Tourists visiting Ternate will definitely visit Batu Angus. This tourist attraction can be reached by taxi. Arriving at the location, you still have to walk around 200 meters to arrive at Batu Angus.

Batu Angus is a stretch of rocks that looks like burnt ones. The expanse of rocks stretches from the foot of Mount Gamalama to the coast. These rocks are remnants of the eruption of Mount Gamalama in the 17th century. The lava that had turned into rocks looks like burnt ones. Therefore, the local people call it Batu Angus. In the area of Batu Angus, there is also an historical site where the death of a Japanese soldier whose parachute did not open normally after jumping from an airplane in World War II.

This interesting view of Batu Angus is a special attraction for tourists. Most tourists capture this unique sight. In addition to taking pictures, those of you who come to Batu Angus can also watch and enjoy the green view of Mount Gamalama, a stretch of sea and also Halmahera Island which can be seen from a height in the Batu Angus area. At the 10-hectare location, you can camp while waiting for a beautiful sunset view. Unfortunately, there are no restaurants at the location of this tourism attraction. Thus, you have to bring your own food supplies.

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