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Lake Shuji Muara Enim

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Lake Shuji Muara Enim

This tourism attraction is good for you to enjoy natural tourism, fishing and culinary hobbies. The location is in Lembak Village, Lembak Muara Enim sub-district, South Sumatra, about 70 kilometers from Palembang City. This lake can be reached by motor vehicles about 90 minutes from the hub city of Palembang.

It has an area of 60 x 400 square meters and it is in the middle of a rubber plantation owned by residents. This lake was once the location of a soup kitchen for Japanese troops which was only 1 kilometer from the Japanese troops airport. To commemorate that time, there is a statue of a soldier wearing Japanese army nobility cloth outside the entrance gate of the location of the lake.

To enter Lake Shuji, you have to pay an entrance ticket about Rp5,000/person and a parking fee about Rp5,000 for a car and Rp3,000 for a motorcycle. Lake Shuji has beautiful natural scenery; you can enjoy the beauty of the lake and a row of gazebos or unique huts there. The gazebo was built on the edge of Lake Shuji. The air is quite cool. You can go along the Shuji Lake by boat. This activity is very fun. For those of you who want to enjoy the freshness of Lake Shuji's water, you can swim in the lake.

It seems that it is incomplete to travel to Lake Shuji if you haven't captured it by taking pictures at beautiful spots in this tourism location. Lake Shuji has many instagrammable photo spots. Being a popular tourism location in Palembang, Lake Shuji is also equipped with various tourism facilities, such as parking areas, toilets, prayer rooms, gazebos, huts, and food stalls.

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