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Monday, 01 March 2021 09:38

Air Tiga Rasa Rejenu in Central Java

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This tourism object, which is located in Japan Village, Dawe District, Kudus Regency, is believed to have various health benefits. The location of the tourism attraction of Air Tiga Rasa or known as Air Tiga Rasa Rejenu is located in the Sheikh Syadzali Tomb complex. To go to this location, visitors only need to cover a distance of about 20 kilometers from the center of Kudus City. After arriving in Japan Village, tourists who drive cars can park at the parking lot and continue the journey about 2 kilometers by motorcycle taxi.

According to the local people's beliefs, the water from Air Tiga Rasa Rejenu has different tastes and benefits. This first water source has a slightly sour taste, which is believed to cure various diseases. The second source of water tastes like soft drinks in general. The benefit of this second water source is that it can raise self-confidence for the visitors who drink it. Meanwhile, the third spring has a strong taste like liquor. The water from this third spring has the benefit of facilitating good fortune. But when the three kinds of water are mixed, it will produce water with a fresh taste.

Even though the Air Tiga Rasa Rejenu tourism attraction is in the middle of a forest and at the top of the hill of Mount Muria, which does not yet have electricity, visitors can still enjoy the various facilities available, for example, motorcycle taxis for those who do not want to walk, food stalls that are open 24 hours, simple lodging rooms, prayer rooms, and bathrooms.

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