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Monday, 22 February 2021 08:37

Peyuyon beach in Yogyakarta

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Peyuyon Beach is a new destination in Kanigoro Village, Kapanewon Saptosari. The road access was only opened a few years ago, so it is not as smooth as the big beaches in Gunungkidul. However, you should not be disappointed when visiting this beach, because this beach has beautiful natural scenery, calm and a different atmosphere compared to other beaches.

At Peyuyon beach, you will see a stretch of white sand, combined with blue ocean waves and lush pandanus leaves, which makes the beach atmosphere look more natural. For those of you who have a hobby of fishing, this beach location is also a favorite spot for fishing. At the western part of this beach, you will see a natural cave under a cliff which is suitable for camping. The sensation of camping on the Peyuyon beach can definitely be an unforgettable holiday experience. The scenery on the beach also looks beautiful with the pandanus trees around the beach. The location of the beach on the hillside will provide a beautiful and quite soothing view.

The location of Peyuyon beach is about 60 kilograms from Yogyakarta. To reach the beach location, you may take about 1.5 to 2 hours by motor vehicles. From the parking area, you still have to walk around 500 meters to get to Peyuyon Beach. Along the trekking path, you will be spoiled by a peaceful natural atmosphere and also chirping of birds which add to the comfortable atmosphere here. To get to the shoreline, you still have to go through a simple wooden ladder to go down a cliff about 4 meters. To enter Peyuyon beach, you only have to pay an entrance ticket of Rp 5,000 and it does not include a vehicle parking ticket.

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