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Friday, 23 March 2018 11:41

The Visit of the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia to the USA

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Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman made a trip to the United States for three weeks. Last Tuesday (March 20, 2018), Prince Mohammed met with US President, Donald Trump. Of course, Washington opened a wider door for the Prince's arrival. President Trump gladly welcomed Prince Mohammed and showed proudly on a large board the potential value of the Prince's visit to the United States. President Trump made a joke by saying that the purchase value that reached more than $12 billion dollars was only to buy peanuts. President Trump warmly welcomed Prince Mohammed's arrival by saying Saudi Arabia is a very rich country and it shares its wealth to the United States by buying US military equipment. In this regard, Saudi Arabia extravagantly purchases a lot of weapons. By possessing the military equipment, Saudi Arabia was to bravely launch intervention to Yemen. In addition to talking about the purchase of the military weapons, Prince Mohammed bin Salman and President Trump also discussed some important issues, such as the Qatar blockade, the war in Yemen, the Middle East security and the Iranian nuclear pact. Before arriving in the US, the Prince had time to convey the bilateral relations between Saudi Arabia and the USA, which have lasted for 80 years. Indeed, during Barrack Obama was in power, Saudi’s relations with the USA were relatively unfavorable. In regard to this, President Trump blamed Barack Obama, which he called making the trade value between both countries decline, and bring about less employment in the USA. The visit to restore good relations between the two countries is positive. That matter is that if the results of the trip bring home weapons which can be used to worsen the situation in the Middle East. If the military approach is prioritized, the problem in the region will be getting worse and worse instead of getting better. This is totally unwanted. It is hoped that Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who has sounded the 2030 vision of Saudi Arabia, is to carry out significant reform to become the future leader of the Saudi Arabia. It is a pity if the Prince diminishes the brilliance of his vision with weapons purchased from the USA.

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