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Wednesday, 21 March 2018 13:40

Russian election Result

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Russian election Result

The Central Election Commission of Russia, Sunday, March 18, reported that 67 percent of voters cast their ballots in the recent election in Russia. Of the transient calculations more than than 75 percent have chosen Vladimir Putin. Although the overall counting is still ongoing, observers have confirmed the former KGB member, the secret service in the Soviet Era, for the third time will rule Russia again  for the next 6 years, setting aside 7 other candidates.

Putin's victory has generated mixed reactions from world leaders. As quoted from Deutche Welle, Vladimir Putin's re-election has aroused mixed feelings across Germany, including at the highest levels of political power. In a government press conference on Monday, 19 March, German government spokesman Steffen Seibert said that German Chancellor Angela Merkel would send congratulations on Putin's victory. While Chinese leader Xi Jinping was quoted as saying by XInhua, in addition to congratulating Putin  on the victory, also said China is eager to cooperate with Russia, and improve relations between the two countries to a higher level.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said Venezuela would improve bilateral ties with Russia after Putin's election victory, especially in the field of international policy for the creation of world peace. Opposition leader Alexei Navalny, who was banned from taking part in the election, had earlier asked his supporters to boycott a vote he called "fake". He claimed to have sent more than 33,000 observers across the country and said there had been "unprecedented violations".

However, Russia's election commission rejects allegations of fraud.  It is said that the emergence of Putin after the collapse of the Soviet Union was predicted by the famous French astrologer Nostradamus in the 15th century. According to that forecast, there will be a leader in Russia who will bring back the glory of the Soviet Union with the same characteristics of the former KGB agent. Regardless of whether or not the prediction is true, the world hopes that Putin's victory can provide a real contribution to world peace. Because after the end of the cold war era, the hegemony of western power seemed to dominate. Almost all western countries contribute to the peace program at the UN in the area of ​​conflict areas ranging from the Middle East to Asian countries. Russia does seem to be very eager to play a role in resolving world conflicts. In addition, the stability of the region becomes the political program of the Russian President-elect in the future. This is suspected as an attempt to restore glory as a superpower.

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