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Tuesday, 20 March 2018 00:00

Diplomacy Through Morning Walk

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President Morning Walk with Citizen and Students Abroad President Morning Walk with Citizen and Students Abroad Laily Rachev Biro Pers Setpres

Who does not want to take a morning walk with number-one person in this country? Perhaps, every citizen dreams of it. Taking a walk while having conversation with the head of the State is certainly not a regular moment. A number of Indonesians in Australia and New Zealand got the opportunity. They took a morning walk with President Joko Widodo.


In a busy schedule to visit Australia and New Zealand, President Joko Widodo took the morning walk with 18 young people from several areas in Indonesia's Indonesia-Australia Youth Interfaith Dialogue in Sydney. The morning walk was interspersed with various things, including music and sports that the President liked. In particular, President Joko Widodo delivered a message to them to be agents of tolerance and peace who could tell about Indonesia's diverse ethnic, diverse religions, diverse regional languages ​​but Indonesia is still one to a great nation.


In New Zealand, the morning walk was the first agenda of President Joko Widodo. 29 Indonesian students in New Zealand, including 15 from Papua, had the opportunity to accompany President Joko Widodo in the morning around the Water Front. In a casual discussion after taking a walk, various topics were discussed; thanksgiving from the Papuan youths was expressed to President Joko Widodo who pays special attention to Papua.


Why does President Joko Widodo choose the morning walk as a media to discuss with the youths? Of course, there are many reasons. President Joko Widodo is fond of the morning walk. It could be another reason for wanting to start the day with a good one. An exciting walk without a tight security and a relaxed conversation can be a medium to know the problems that occur in the community. In a relaxed and fresh mood, complaints, ideas, suggestions, or criticisms can be presented openly. Possibly, what is expressed can be a tool for further discussion in a more formal forum.


The morning walk is not just used by President Joko Widodo to meet with local people. One year ago, a 30-minute morning walk with Australian Prime Minister Malcom Turnbull around the Sydney Opera House became part of his visit to Australia. Diplomacy of the morning walk has become one of the powerful ways to improve the relationship between the two countries in the future.


On several occasions, President Joko Widodo did use morning-time moments to meet directly with local communities. 


The time that he spends is not too long to see and meet directly with the public through the morning walk, and this can be additional information for each policy that he will decide. The move can also be done by the regional heads, such as governors, mayors and regents to find out the real problems in the area he or she leads. The morning walk of President Joko Widodo not only gives a healthy effect to his body, but also makes Indonesian nation healthier.

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