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Wednesday, 28 March 2018 00:00

Monong dance from West Kalimantan

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There are various traditional dances in West Kalimantan. Those dances have different functions.  Take for example, Monong dance is known as one of the rituals which is used to ask for recovery for a resident who is sick. In the past, Monong dance was also known with the name Manang dance which was specially conducted by Shaman or elder of Dayak tribe by dancing while reading certain magic. To implement it, the family of resident who is sick must attend the process of reading magic to drive away the disease and follow it. In its process, the dance was accompanied by traditional instruments and the magic was read for the Creator in order the sick person could recover. Movement in Monong dance is more emphasized when the shaman is conducting recovery ritual. The movement is the one when the shaman or elder performs magic-reading and dancing. In the performance, the dancer gets dressed with Dayak typical cloth. The dancer is also completed with various tools which are used for ritual. The dance is also accompanied by various kinds of Dayak traditional instruments. No wonder, if the ritual process makes rhythm of music, dancer’s movement until its situation become mystic. Although in the past, Monong dance was held to recover a villager who was sick. Now, this dance is used for another purpose, such as people’s entertainment. In its development, the dance is also colored with many creations and movements. Those creations are conducted to preserve traditional art of  Dayak tribe in West Kalimantan. Besides, it is also conducted in order the performance is more interesting but the value in the dance is kept being maintained. Now, the dance is often performed in traditional events such as Bemanang or Balian, welcoming the guest and also cultural festival.

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