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Friday, 06 April 2018 13:31

Relocation Plan of Rohingya Ethnic Refugees

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Relocation Plan  of Rohingya Ethnic Refugees google map

Bangladesh plans to move  around 100,000 Rohingyas to  a remote island starting on June 2018. The plan was presented by the Bangladeshi  Secretary of Disaster Management to the UN in Dacca on Wednesday (April 4, 2018). It  is an  effort of Bangladesh to relocate the Rohingyas who are currently  crowding the Cox Bazaar area. The place has become a temporary shelter for refugees who fled from Myanmar, after the conflict in 2017.Bangladesh doubts Myanmar's promise that it will take back the Rohingya ethnic, as the country only verifies about 300 of the thousands of refugees’ files. Myanmar argues that in the files, there are 3 people related to terrorism.With the placement, Bangladesh has to accommodate 700  thousand refugees around the border. The relocation plan is considered to have not solved the problem. Currently, the Rohingyas are living  in a very unfit environment in refugee camps. Meanwhile, the Bangladeshi Navy have planned to  build around 1.400 shelters ready to be lived in by the end of May.The relocation itself is carried out on a voluntary basis. In Cox Bazaar, their life  is difficult because of disease prone, especially facing the rainy season next June. But their placement on the island is also not without problems. The place  to  be inhabited is known to be  prone to tropical cyclone disaster.Earlier, in February, Myanmar agreed to take back  6,000 Rakhine refugees, in the no-man's area of Tombru. Bangladesh argues that those in the region have not been considered refugees and Myanmar agrees to repatriate  them. But it  remains agreement; there is no guarantee of security, and the Rohingyas are still afraid of returning.The Rohingya ethnic shouldn’t be displaced  and live for long in such  an uninhabitable place like now. It is also  not fitting to let their fate in an uncertain situation.Indonesia has been very concerned about their fate and has provided humanitarian assistance. President Joko Widodo also had a direct view of their condition when making a visit to Bangladesh some time ago. Now, all that needs to be done is to keep the refugee repatriation process going on. Myanmar should also be willing to open up and provide security for the returning Rohingya ethnic, as well as giving them  the rights as citizens.

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