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Indonesian Air Force Day

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April 9 has always become an important day for the Indonesian Air Force -TNI AU. That is the day when the first President Soekarno in 1946 declared the establishment of the Air Force. The date is also celebrated as National Aviation Day. The establishment of the Air Force cannot be separated from the establishment of the People's Security Service -BKR on August 23rd, 1945. Later, on October 5, 1945, BKR changed into the People's Security Army -TKR. The then air force was named TKR Flight Bureau under Air Commodore, Soerjadi Soerjadarma as the first Air Force Chief of Staff. On January 23, 1946, TKR was upgraded again to the Army of the Republic of Indonesia -TRI, as a continuation of the development of the Air Force. So on April 9, 1946, TRI Bureau of Flight was removed, and it was then replaced with the name of the Air Force of the Republic of Indonesia. Since then, April 9 has been celebrated as the birthday of the Indonesian Air Force -TNI AU. In addition to the short birth process of TNI AU about seven months since the independence of Indonesia, the main equipment of the weaponry system Alutsista) owned by the Air Force at that time was only used aircraft obtained from the loot of Japanese soldiers, such as Chureng, Nishikoreng, Guntei and Hayabusha. The number of aviators and technicians was very limited. With the limited defense equipment owned at that time, the Air Force was able to inscribe gold ink in the history of Indonesian struggle. For the first time, a plane with a Red-and-White identity was flown by Air Commodore, Agustinus Adisutjipto on October 27, 1945. The Air Force is now 72 years old. Although the condition of the main equipment of the weaponry system -Alutsista of the Air Force has not been in accordance with the need to support its operations, this does not de-motivate the spirit to guard and maintain the integrity of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia in accordance with the motto “Swa Bhuwana Paksa” or "The Wing of My Homeland". May the Indonesian Air Force always be the protector of the entire territory of Indonesian sovereignty and can elevate the dignity of the nation and build a glorious Indonesia in the air. Long live the Air Force!

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