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Monday, 03 May 2021 10:33

Pandemic Unveils Faults To Improve In Indonesian Education, Minister Says

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Minister of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology Nadiem Anwar Makarim said that the pandemic has made everything that is lacking in the world of national education more visible.

"Actually, there are so many things that previously our institutions felt the need for changes in education, because this pandemic has become much clearer," said the Minister of Education and Research and Technology in a podcast session with Indonesian President Joko Widodo which was monitored online to coincide with National Education Day, in Jakarta. , Sunday.

He explained that the shortcomings include the digital divide, internet access, and unequal access to quality teachers to budgeting that has not prioritized Indonesia's Frontier, Disadvantaged and Outermost (3T) areas.

"It all became known because of the pandemic," he said.

During the pandemic, he added, a number of teachers also seemed forced to learn various educational platforms.

"That if there is no pandemic, it will not be possible. But because of the pandemic, teachers and parents are learning technology, Mr. President. It is extraordinary and they are now accessing our online seminars, their participation has all broken records," said Nadiem.

On that occasion, the Minister of Education and Research and Technology also conveyed breakthroughs regarding Freedom of Learning, one of which was changing the National Examination (UN) to become a National Assessment (AN).

"Now we are not measuring information but we are measuring remuneration and literacy of the ability to reason according to international standards," he said.

For the first time in the history of Indonesian education, he continued, his party will add a character survey, where the values ​​of Pancasila will be measured and quantified per school.

"We can measure issues such as intolerance, sexual violence, and bullying. This is one of our first big data programs," he said.

Nadiem also said that his party had created a leadership regeneration program through the Driving Teacher. Then, Nadiem also mentioned the financial transformation of School Operational Assistance (BOS).

"BOS funds, which used to arrive late in the regions, will not go through the local government. We will directly transfer them to schools," he said.

Currently, he argued, school principals have flexibility in the use of BOS funds.

Regarding infrastructure and technology, in front of the President, Nadiem said that his party was working together, coordinating with the Minister of Communication and Information to ensure that schools were a priority for internet connections.

"We are preparing the biggest laptop distribution program ever so that our children and our teachers can access and of course with a projector and wi-fi router," he said. (Antaranews)

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