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Monday, 03 May 2021 18:37

Environment Ministry launches 2021 National Waste Awareness Festival

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The Ministry of Environment and Forestry launched the 2021 National Waste Awareness Festival virtually, with the objective of raising awareness and edifying the people on waste management.

"Today, the ministry applies technology to introduce waste management by holding a virtual exhibition," Director General for Waste Management Rosa Vivien Ratnawati stated during a virtual launch accessed from Jakarta on Monday.

The three pillars of the waste management process are waste reduction by industries by redesigning, packaging and incorporating recyclable materials and product waste recall mechanism.

The exhibition will also shed light on the waste management efforts undertaken by the public, including through the formation of waste banks and application of composting measures.

The director general also noted that the festival will highlight the upstream process of waste management, such as through examples of a well-managed landfill and applying technology to manage waste and transform it into energy.

The event will last for six months since its launch, and Ratnawati has sought involvement of people as participants in the festival.

"It is expected to provide education to the people and to change their behavior as well as to bring about a change in lifestyle," she stated.

The 2021 National Waste Awareness Festival can be accessed virtually through the web address: (Antaranews)

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