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Papuma Beach in East Java

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East Java province has many exotic beaches. One of them is Papuma Beach, which is located in Lojejer Village, Wuluhan District, about 45 km south of Jember City in East Java. Papuma Beach is also often referred to as Tanjung Papuma Beach because of its location that juts into the sea so it can be called a cape. Papuma Beach was officially opened in 1994, but in 1998, beach tourism in Jember was just starting to be visited by tourists.

The name Papuma itself is an abbreviation of ‘Pasir Putih Malikan’. Malikan is the name given by Perum Perhutani when opening this tourism spot. This beach provides a very beautiful view for tourists to enjoy from sunrise to sunset. If they want to enjoy the beauty of underwater, this beach also provides facilities for snorkeling. Papuma Beach also has a variety of terrestrial fauna, such as monitor lizards, partridge, deer, hedgehogs, pangolins and others.

The trip to the beach from Jember City takes about 1 hour by motor vehicle. Meanwhile, if visitors are from Surabaya City, it takes about 6 hours to get to this beach. The facilities on this beach are quite complete, from lodging to food stalls. In addition, several inns also provide Camping Ground facilities for visitors who want to sleep while enjoying the night atmosphere around this beach.

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