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Miniagara Bondowoso

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Niagara Falls located in Ontario, Canada is the most famous waterfall in the world because of its beauty. But, Indonesia also has a waterfall destination that is as beautiful as Niagara waterfall. Even because of its resemblance, this place is nicknamed the "Niagara Mini" or "Little Niagara Waterfall". This destination is located in Kalianyar Village, Sempol District, Bondowoso, East Java. This Niagara Mini is one of three waterfalls that you can visit when heading to Ijen Crater tour through the Bondowoso City route. As the name suggests, the size of this waterfall is indeed small and its height is only about 6 meters. However, that is precisely the advantage, because you can see up close and it is safe if you want to play in the water. To enter here, you are only charged a parking fee of around Rp 2,000.

This waterfall is given the nickname Niagara because of its wide and terraced waterfall arrangement. Under the waterfall flows a clear and cool river, because it is located in a mountainous area. In addition, this waterfall is surrounded by green hills with blooming flowers. This place is a favorite spot for photographers or hunters for Instagram to take pictures because of its aesthetics, especially at sunrise or sunset; the orange tinge of the afternoon sky combines with green trees and swift waterfalls. How exotic is indeed! In addition, this waterfall is visually beautiful; the sound of water, and mountain insects shouting at each other also makes the heart calm. Because it is surrounded by forests and hills, automatically the air here is clean and cool.

There are many other things you can do there. If you are getting cold after playing in the waterfall, you can go straight to the hot springs available in the waterfall area. Because it is located next to an Arabica coffee processing factory managed by PTP Nusantara XII, the fragrant aroma of coffee is guaranteed to make you immediately brew the coffee. You can order a cup of warm coffee and enjoy it while chatting with loved ones. This refreshing cheap vacation also applies strict health protocols; you do not have to worry if you follow the rules well. Let’s go to the "Niagara Mini" or "Little Niagara Waterfall" in East Java province.

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