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Leang-LeangPrehistoric Park in South Sulawesi

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Leang-Leang Prehistoric Park or also known as Leang-Leang Archaeological Park is one of the mainstay tourismm attractions in Maros Regency, South Sulawesi It offers historical cultural tours of ancient human civilization.Paintings of human palms and hog deer, which are plastered on cave walls and various artifacts, are evidence of the presence of prehistoric humans in this area.In this park, there are hundreds of prehistoric caves scattered in the hills of Maros - Pangkep. The paintings on the wall in Cave Pettae and Petta Kere katahun were first discovered in 1950 by two archaeologists from the Netherlands, Van Heekeren and Miss Heeren Palm.This cave is the beginning of research on prehistoric caves and the beginning of the discovery of paintings invented in Maros Regency.


To reach Pettae Cave, tourists must climb stairs that are not too high. PettaKere Cave is located about 300 meters from Pettae Cave. In Pettae Cave there are paintings in the form of five pictures of palms, one picture of a hog deer jumping with an arrow in the chest.Meanwhile, at the entrance of the cave which is 8 meters high and 12 meters wide, there are blade flakes and shells. Meanwhile, in PettaKere Cave, 2 images of hog deer were found, 27 images of palms, blade flakes and arrowheads were found.


To go to this park from Makassar downtownvisitors have to take motor vehicles for around one hour and half. When they arrive at this park, they have to pay a ticket for IDR 10,000. In this prehistoric park, there is also a parking lot for visitors who use private vehicles, as well as a gazebo for visitors who want to take a rest after being tired of looking around the caves in this park.

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