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Drini Beach in Yogyakarta

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Drini Beach is located in Ngestirejo Village, Tanjungsari District, Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta. The distance is 60 kilometers or about 2 to 3 hours by motor vehicles from Yogyakarta City. During the trip, visitors will be treated to a very beautiful view of the coral hills. Arriving at the entrance, visitors have to walk about 400 meters to get to Drini Beach. On this beach, there is a gazebo located on this beach. In addition, on this beach there are also several food stalls that provide a variety of appetizing seafood.

The attraction of Drini beach lies in a large rock in the middle of the beach and divides this beach into two sides, namely the West and East sides. This coral looks so beautiful that it looks like a small island floating in the middle of the beach. It is said that the island is overgrown with Santigi, or local people usually call it "drini". That's why this beach and island is named "Drini". When the sea is receding, you can go to this island. On this island was built a lighthouse where from the tower you can see an amazingly beautiful view. Here you can also clearly see the seaweed among the sea corals and other marine life.

A coral island on the shore divides Drini Beach into two parts with opposite characters. On the east side, you will be treated to towering cliffs, combined with sturdy rocks that make the shores be protected from the fierce waves. If it's low tide, you can see small fish swimming. You can walk to the middle of the sea, far from the beach but you have to be careful with sharp corals. The west side is also interesting. The gently sloping terrain makes this side very pleasant for playing in the water. On this side, many people swim and enjoy the freshness of the water of Drini Beach. On the edge of the sea, rows of fishing boats line up ready to wade through the fierce waves of the Indian Ocean.

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