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The island of the gods, Bali has a lot of charming views that are hard to forget. There are not only its traditions that attract tourists, but also its beautiful  natural panoramas. Bali has a series of beautiful beaches that are already famous abroad. One of them is Kelingking Beach which was recently crowned the most popular on Instagram. Kelingking Beach is located in the Nusa Penida area.  Its popularity is recognized by The site analyzed more than 26 million Instagram hashtags with the keywords Most Popular Beach in The World. They also count posts about certain beaches. As a result, Kelingking Beach ranks at the top of the list. A total of 338 thousand photos accompanied by the hashtag #PantaiKelingking prove the popularity of this natural tourism attraction among domestic and foreign tourists. Kelingking also won the title of the Most Instagrammable Beach 2021.

This beach is named Kelingking because on the beach there is a rock that looks like a little finger. The Paluang Cliff on Kelingking Beach resembles the neck of a Tyrannosaurus or T-Rex. That's the Paluang Cliff which is the hallmark of Kelingking Beach. The name, Paluang was given according to the name of the temple there. To take pictures and witness the natural beauty of this cliff, you need to walk down wooden stairs which are quite energy-consuming. Kelingking Beach offers not only photogenic beach views, but also an attraction that you must try when visiting this beach, namely diving at Manta Point. Not a few tourists visit Kelingking Beach, who take the time to dive with dozens of manta stingrays surrounded by exotic coral reefs. Kelingking Beach is included in the marine conservation area of The Global Coral Triangle belonging to the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). You can also visit other attractive beaches in the vicinity, such as Atuh Beach, Crystal Bay Beach, Broken Beach, and Angel's Billabong.

If you plan to visit this hidden paradise on the island of Nusa Penida,  you should come in the morning around 7 am local time, because at that time. it is still quiet from visitors and you can enjoy the beauty of this beach without too much disturbance. The price of admission to Kelingking beach is officially only charged Rp 5,000 for local tourists. If you have an adventurous spirit and usually like hiking a mountain, you can go down to the white beach at Kelingking beach. Kelingking Beach has a very stunning sea gradation which also complements the beauty of this beach. Even though you can't swim in the amazing water, you are guaranteed to be never disappointed, because there are many photo spots that can be explored in this place.

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