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Sego Boranan

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Sego Boranan

Having a culinary tour is not only about Soto Lamongan. There is also Sego Boranan, which is delicious too. Sego boranan consists of rice, spices, urap, rempeyek and other side dishes such as empuk (fried flour) and pletuk (peanuts and aking rice crumbs).Urap is a dish, which contains cooked vegetables mixed with seasoned grated coconut. While rempeyek is fried rice flour filled with peanuts. Sego Baronan is usually hunted every Lebaran Eid festivity arrives. But now, the typical food of Lamongan can be enjoyed in every corner of Lamongan city.

The word boranan derives from the rice container, which is made of woven bamboo. Usually this container is carried by using a scarf. To look more attractive, the seller of Sego Boranan will serve it by using pincuk from banana leaves and woven bamboo plates. In its serving, Sego Boranan is covered with urap. Don't forget to add urap seasoning from the grated coconut, stir-fried spices and some sambal or chili paste.

For the side dishes, a variety of choices are offered. These include chicken, offal, milkfish, omelet, salted egg, tofu, and tempeh. Another unique side dish that is not found in other foods is Sili fish, which is more expensive than the other side dishesSili fish is a freshwater fish that can only be found wild in swamps or rivers. This typical Lamongan rice is usually sold around the city markets in Lamongan for 24 hours. The price varies. For one portion it is usually sold Rp10,000, but specifically for Sili fish, one portion can be Rp15,000 to Rp25,000 depending on the size of the Sili fish.

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