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Monday, 16 August 2021 15:18

People's Consultative Assembly Annual Session for Strengthening and Building National Character

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The Indonesian People's Consultative Assembly –MPR holds its Annual Session, Monday (16/8). Same as in previous years, the session which is held ahead of the commemoration of Indonesian Independence Day on 17 August, is attended by the President, Vice President, cabinet ministers, members of the Assembly, and other dignitaries whose number is limited due to the Covid19 pandemic.

In the MPR’s Annual Session held along with the House of Representative -DPR and Regional Representatives -DPD this time, President Joko Widodo delivers a speech on the performance reports of state institutions. Afterwards, he also gives a speech delivering the government's introduction/information on the Draft Law on the Indonesian State Revenue and Expenditure Budget (APBN) for the 2022 Fiscal Year and its Financial Note.

This is the second time that the MPR’s Annual Session has been carried out in a simple, not too long, yet effective and efficient manner due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Quoting Antara News Agency, Chairperson of MPR, Bambang Soesatyo said that amid conditions of the Covid-19 pandemic, social cohesion and national solidity had become a vulnerable and crucial point. Therefore, the MPR annual session this year focuses on strengthening and building the nation's character. This must continue to be fought for so that it becomes a collective spirit amid the social, national and state life which is being slumped due to the Covid-9.

It is hoped that the MPR Annual Session will be able to become a momentum for the MPR to convey various national messages related to the handling of the Covid-19 pandemic, and not only focuses on health and economic aspects but also to be able to remind all elements of the nation that in handling the pandemic must also include aspects of strengthening the life of the nation and state in a bid to be  able to build optimism in dealing with the Covid-9.

As is known, the Covid-19 pandemic has multi-dimensional impacts. The economy contracted, unemployment increased, debt increased, not to mention other social impacts.

Thereby, the 2021 MPR Annual Session should not just be a normative event that will pass, but also be able to answer a number of current and future challenges or the post-pandemic era, with seriousness in creating national independence. In line with the theme of the 76th Anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia, namely "Indonesia Resilient, Indonesia Grows", with the hope that Indonesia will remain strong in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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