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Tuesday, 24 August 2021 00:00

National Television Day

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Today, August 24 is a historic day in the journey of television broadcasting in Indonesia. Television of the Republic of Indonesia –TVRI officially broadcast its first broadcast on August 24, 1962. The first broadcast of TVRI was marked by the premiere of the 4th Asian Games at the Bung Karno Main Stadium in Jakarta. For a quarter of a century, broadcasters established under the Decree of the Minister of Information No.20/SK/VII/61 broadcast television programs without competition.

In 1987, the first private television station, RCTI officially was on air. This was followed by SCTV which aired in 1990. These two commercial broadcasting stations were established on the same date, 24 August. Afterwards, the world of television broadcasting in Indonesia was increasingly widespread with the presence of more television stations with their respective target audiences. Quoting digital, in 2021, the number of television stations broadcasting analogously in Indonesia reaches 701. It is hoped that by November 2022, Indonesia will fully implement the Digital TV broadcasting system.

The government through the Ministry of Communication and Informatics is modernizing Indonesian television broadcasts by switching from analog broadcast to digital one. The original plan was that the initial phase of Analog Switch-Off (ASO) or the cessation of analog TV broadcasts began on August 17, 2021. With some considerations, the plan is postponed to April 2022. The considerations underlying the delay are that Indonesia is still focusing on handling the Covid-19 pandemic and economic recovery as well as further preparation stages. In the future, Indonesian people can continue to enjoy free digital television broadcasts to get very clear picture quality, clear sound, and sophisticated technology

Currently, the way to watch television programs is no longer sitting in front of the television. With streaming or video on demand broadcast facilities broadcast on the official website of television broadcasting stations and various platforms, Indonesian television programs can be enjoyed anywhere and anytime with an internet connection. This is also a challenge for television broadcasting stations. Because they have to compete with individual or group creations that produce audio-visual shows. But at the same time, it is an opportunity for Indonesian television broadcasters to widely spread their broadcasts.

Within nearly 60 years of Indonesian television broadcasting, there is hope for Indonesian television programs to go global. Indonesia has the possibility to do so. The diversity of art, culture, customs and natural charm of Indonesia can be an amazing attraction for television programs for the world community. If it is realized, the potential of natural and human resources, combined with digital technology, is possible; in its time, Indonesian television programs to be presented attractively will be enjoyed by the international community.

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