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Wednesday, 25 August 2021 10:14

Flood of Refugees Due to Conflict and Civil War

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Inevitably, almost every conflict or war in one country has an impact on other countries. This can be seen at least from the increasing number of refugees in various places. Conflicts in several African countries, have caused displacement. Chaos in Armenia Azerbaijan, has the same impact. Syria, which has always been hit by civil war, has troubled other countries, including Europe, because of the flood of refugees. Rohingya refugees are also a clear example of the internal turmoil in Myanmar. And lastly is Afghanistan.

Thousands of Afghans have been transported by plane out of their country, while many others have flooded Kabul's International Airport. News in the international mass media repeatedly broadcast the situation at Hamid Karzai airport, Kabul. Everything gives an idea of how chaotic and depressing the atmosphere there is. It also illustrates how suffering those who try to escape from their homeland are. Several countries have expressed their willingness to accept Afghan refugees, including the United States. It was reported that these Afghan refugees not only flooded the airport in Kabul, but also spread across the borders with other countries, including Pakistan, Uzbekistan and others. Unlike the United States, Canada and several European countries, the neighboring countries readiness to accept refugees from Afghanistan is constrained due to the conditions of their respective countries.

Tensions at Kabul's international airport have increased with the deadline for the withdrawal of US troops, which is August 31, 2021. Meanwhile, the Taliban has said it does not want the United States to extend that time. The fate of Afghan refugees then, seems to be more concerning because of it.

The issue of refugees due to civil war or conflict has finally become a problem for other countries. UNHCR, the UN agency that handles refugees, is trying to help overcome this problem in various countries, especially those on the borders. UNHCR has established many shelters and provided food aid.

Of course, it is not so simple to blame certain parties as the cause of thousands or even millions of refugees who fled their country. Because the situation is pretty complex. But what is really more important is, how to deal with the millions of people who have already fled and prevent more refugees from happening.

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