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Many beaches in Bali present beautiful and amazing panorama. One of them is Yeh Leh Beach or Pengeragoan Beach. It is unique and interesting, because on the shore there are many rocks that separate the land from the sea. When the sea water receded, the rocks here stand out in many dazzling sizes. This beach is located on the border between Jembrana district and Tabanan regency, on the side of Gilimanuk-Denpasar highway. Because its location is on the roadside, access to the beach is quite easy. With a large parking area, visitors can directly park their vehicles to enjoy the natural beauty of Yeh Leh Beach.On Yeh Leh beach is in addition to the large parking lot, there is also a Gazebo for those who want to rest for a while. Ther are also stalls providing snacks and beverages. Usually a beach has beautiful white sand. But Yeh Leh beach has thousands and even millions of natural rocks that make it different from the beaches in general. This beach is perfect for a tourist destination, especially if you love fishing. With the charm of its underwater beauty, you can visit Yeh Leh's beach especially during the low tide. In addition to enjoying the beauty of the sunset, you are also more likely to get many sea animals hidden among the rocks located on the shores of Yeh Leh. Indeed the main attraction of this Yeh Leh Beach is the rocks. Most of Yeh Leh's beach is gently sloping and tend to be flat. So when you set foot on this beach you do not have to worry your legs will be covered with sand or become wet, because you will step on the rock surface which is hard and a bit rough.The lack of sand surfaces on the beach, makes it not ideal for sunbathing, but you can always sit back and relax on the rocks scattered on the beach. For those of you who like taking pictures, different natural nuances here will certainly provide a more special experience. In addition to presenting the natural beauty of the blue sea, the waves are quite large and elongated, very suitable for surfing.

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