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Wednesday, 09 May 2018 13:42

Vladimir Putin's Fourth Presidency

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Vladimir Putin officially returned to the Russian presidency after winning the March 18 election. Putin took  his oath  Monday, May 7, 2018 in an event attended by at least 5,000 people  in the Kremlin. Entering his fourth term, Vladirmir Putin reiterated his commitment to answer the country's survey results that show that there is  still a  wide gap  between the  rich and the poor in  the country. His opponents, who held a demonstration against him during his last presidency said that Vladimir Putin ruled Russia as the Tsars or kings in the past. In contrast, supporters, in addition to praising his success in leading Russia, also believe that Vladimir Putin, now 65, will be able to increase Russia's role in the international arena. His victory in recent elections has made Vladimir Putin hold the post of Russian President for the fourth time. Despite a one-time absence, Vladimir Putin has been in Russia’s top position  for the last 18 years. Putin served as Russia's President first in 2000 and was elected for the second time in 2004.Because the law prohibits a president from serving more than two consecutive terms, in 2008 Putin resigned. He then became prime minister under President Dmitry Medvedev. After serving as Prime Minister, Putin ran again for President, and was elected in the 2012 elections. He  was in office  until 2018 when  he was re-elected with 76 percent votes in elections. For Putin’s  success in becoming the president for the fourth time, US President Donald Trump, reportedly has congratulated him. Despite his  winning 76 percent of the votes, some Russian people showed opposition to Putin by demonstrating at least in 19 cities. Police have arrested at least 1000 protesters ahead of the  inauguration. Whether the hopes and optimism of most Russian citizens will be realized, or the concerns of those  who oppose him  will  become a reality, only  time will show.

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