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Friday, 11 May 2018 12:32

Victory of The Opposition in Malaysia

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Victory of The Opposition in Malaysia pakatan harapan com my

The history of Malaysia is no longer the same. After 60 years in power, Barisan Nasional, which is a 13-party coalition with UMNO as one of the strongest parties in Malaysia, has to relinquish its power to the opposition. In the general election held on Wednesday (May 9, 2018), Barisan Nasional had to compete  against Pakatan Harapan, which consists of 4 parties. As a result,  the people of Malaysia gave their  support to Pakatan Harapan which obtained  113 seats. With the addition of  the coalition of parties in Borneo, the total is 121 seats. While Barisan Nasional could only manage  79 seats. Former Prime Minister of Malaysia, Najib Tun Razak who led the Barisan Nasional admitted this defeat. However, in the matter of leadership, the problem is not yet fully completed. If calculated per party, no party controls an absolute majority without a coalition. The opposition parties incorporated in Pakatan Harapan, obviously will not share its power  with  Barisan Nasional. The defeat of Barisan Nasional can not be separated from the Malaysian people  lack of trust  to Najib Tun Razak figure, who is perceived not to run the mandate properly. Like in the case of  an  alleged  major corruption scandal that affects one of Malaysia's state-owned enterprises, 1 MDB. Reportedly Najib Razak received huge amounts of money from it, although this was denied by him. However, Mahathir Mohammad, who was once the Prime Minister of Malaysia and now the  coalition leader, did not automatically  become Prime Minister after the Election. After the vote count, Malaysia is still not fully out of the leadership crisis, since  no party has  absolute majority.  Razak submitted the matter to Yang Ditertuan Agung, Sultan Muhamad V, as the Head of State of Malaysia. Finally, Mahatir Mohammad took the oath as the 7th Prime Minister of Malaysia, at the State Palace at around 10 pm on Thursday. Although  there were  rumors that  the Palace was less pleased with Mahatir because he often criticized the kingdom. Earlier coalition leaders met Yang Dipertuan Agung to ensure that  Mahatir can  be sworn in to lead Malaysia. The voice of Malaysians who give trust to the Pakatan Hope Coalition to lead the country should be supported. Leadership of Malaysia under the 92-year-old Mahatir Mohammad, in this period, should be able to bring positive hope to Malaysia. Because any political crisis that hit the country, will certainly affect the regional conditions in the ASEAN region and Indonesia.

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