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Monday, 14 May 2018 13:50

Why It Happened?

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The people of Indonesia, especially the people of Surabaya, East Java are shocked with the action of suicide bombing. Three suicide bombings took place in the churches of the Immaculate Santa Marian, Central Pentecostal Church, and GKI Church. At least, 11 people died, and more than 40 people were injured and needed special treatment. Criticism and curse were directed to suicide bombers. Even, President Joko Widodo called this act of terror as a barbaric act, beyond the limits of humanity. What makes people more furious at the perpetrators is the involvement of children in this suicide bombing act. The target of this terror is the houses of worship. As a result, some people condemn this action on the name of a religion. The unity of Indonesia is re-tested.

The hope is that this act of terror does not make religious people accuse each other. The religious followers must not make verbal war in social media to blame one another. Of course, this tragedy is hoped to strengthen the brotherhood among religious people in Indonesia, to jointly to face acts of terrorism. President Joko Widodo, Chief of Indonesian National Police (Polri) –Tito Karnavian, Chief of Indonesian Military –TNI, Hadi Tjahjanto and a number of ministers came to check out the location.

On the occasion, President Joko Widodo emphasized that terrorism has nothing to do with any religion. The Indonesian government has a tough task to address the roots of terrorism in Indonesia. The government must be able to carry out thorough investigation relating to acts of terrorism such as the recruitment and the source of funds for each of the terrorists’ acts. It’s expected that there are no longer new recruitment and brain-washing of prospective terrorists who voluntarily conduct acts of terror, despite committing suicide by oneself or her/his family. Indonesia's alertness to all acts of terror should be further enhanced. Moreover this year, there is regional election in several provinces, cities and regencies. There  are Asian Games that will be attended by more than 40 countries, the annual meeting of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. It is the task of all stakeholders of the Indonesian nation to create and maintain security across Indonesia. May the terror act in Surabaya, East Java be the last one!

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