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Enjoying the cool air from the dense trees and the sound of water falling from a height is one of the things that makes our hearts and souls calm. You can find this in the West Java region, Indonesia. This place is Curug Cimahi. Curug in Sundanese which means waterfall is located on Jalan Kolonel Masturi, Kertawangi Village, Cisarua District, West Bandung Regency, West Java. About 87 meters high, this waterfall is one of the highest waterfalls in the Bandung area and its surroundings. The name Cimahi comes from the name of the river that flows above it, namely the Cimahi River which originates at Situ Lembang and flows into Cimahi City. This tourism destination is approximately 10 kilometers from Cimahi City towards Lembang or 20 kilometers from Bandung City.

The facilities provided by the management of Curug Cimahi include shelters located on the edge of the path from the gate to the waterfall, parking lots, gates, safety fences, location maps, trails, picnic sites, benches, trash cans, information centers and guard posts, and prayer room and restroom. In addition, there are several stalls selling food and drinks, owned by the local residents which are usually open on busy days, such as weekends and holidays. Access from the entrance gate to the location of Curug Cimahi is quite good. You will go down the stairs for about 15 to 20 minutes with good and well-maintained conditions. The stairs are quite a lot, so you will be quite tired to climb it. However, along the stairs, there are many shelters and rest areas. It is recommended to use comfortable sandals or shoes when visiting this tour.

The entrance ticket to Curug Cimahi is quite affordable. You only pay for a ticket worth Rp 15,000 per person and motorbike parking Rp 2,000 per motorbike. This tourism spot is also known by another name, namely Pelangi or Rainbow Waterfall. To get a cool spot here, you have to climb the cliff at the edge of the stairs. It is quite dangerous. So if you are afraid of heights, it is recommended not to climb this cliff. This tourism spot is also open at night, because there are decorative lights that are colored like a rainbow that lights up behind the waterfall which is quite beautiful to enjoy. That's why, this waterfall is also known as Rainbow Waterfall. This area is appropriate for touring with friends, family members or colleagues. Traveling at Rainbow Waterfall, you have to keep clean and keep doing health protocols so that your vacation is safe and comfortable.

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