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Thursday, 23 September 2021 00:00

Sego Jotos

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If you travel to Madiun City, East Java, please try to taste a variety of delicious foods. The most famous one is Pecel Madiun which is made from a variety of boiled vegetables, including long beans, turi flowers, sprouts, kenikir, spinach, cassava leaves, and papaya leaves, which are doused with peanut sauce. The appealling thing of this Pecel lies in its spicy peanut sauce. Besides Pecel Madiun, there is also another specialty food, namely Sego Jotos or in English means Jotos rice that you must try. In Javanese, Jotos means punch or fist. The name Sego Jotos itself comes from the size of the rice which is the size of an adult's fist.

Sego Jotos contains white rice along with additional dishes, such as tempeh, tofu, eggs and noodles or vermicelli. The white rice is usually wrapped in banana leaves. As an additional menu, usually there are sellers who provide other side dishes, such as Bakwan, egg satay, and Pindang offal. The thing that makes this Sego Jotos special is the Sambal. The sambal is spicy and delicious, perfect for eating with warm rice and a variety of other dishes.

Sego Jotos is usually sold in stalls in the afternoon until the evening. This food is usually sold with a variety of other hot drinks. In Madiun, Sego Jotos is widely sold in roadside food stalls with relatively cheap prices, starting from only Rp. 5 thousand. Sego Jotos has become a daily menu for Madiun residents and is often served at important events. If you are interested in enjoying Sego Jotos, please visit  Madiun City by applying health protocols due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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