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Monday, 21 May 2018 10:59

Malamang, an activity to make traditional food in West Sumatera

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Towards Ramadhan or on every religious activity, every region has tradition to celebrate it. One of them is in West Sumatera, especially  Minangkabau with its Malamang tradition. Malamang tradition has a meaning “to make Lemang”. Lemang is food is made from glutinous rice, and put into bamboo which is coated by young banana leaf. Then, it is baked on fire. Usually, Lemang is served with tapai or black sticky rice which has been fermented.  Lemang will be served to the guests in traditional event. Malamang activity can be found almost throughout  Minangkabau region. In Minang tradition, Malamang can be done in mutual cooperation and is not done by oneself for personal interest.  The tradition is part of habit which is done together by community or relatives’ group. The implementation of Malamang tradition is conducted for certain interest during several days before the month of Ramadhan coming, or other traditional events. To welcome Ramadhan as important event in forgiveness event, Lemang is served when welcoming the guests. Lemang service is as snack considered as honorable to the guests. Meanwhile, for the people of Minangkabau, Malamang tradition is conducted to commemorate the day of the death, 40 days of the death or hundred days of the death. The purpose is not different from other events, namely to welcome the guests.

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