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Wednesday, 23 May 2018 12:38

Tradition of Batu Pemali in Belu

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Belu and Malaka people, East Nusa Tenggara -NTT hold a tradition of Batu Pemali every year in July until November. The tradition is animal slaughtering ritual. Usually, the animals which become offering are buffalos and chickens.  Besides, in the ritual some betel leaves and areca nuts are offered. The tradition of Batu Pemali is a ritual which is conducted as form of gratitude to ancestors and the God. The offering is conducted at Pemali place, such as Ksadan Lulik (batu pemali) on the peak of Mt. Mandeu, Raimanuk district, Faturika village. The location can be reached for two hours from Atambua city. According to belief of Belu people, the soul of the ancestors and nature is closely related to them. They believe if the ancestors live on media in the universe. One of them is Batu Pemali which is located at the traditional forest and Pemali places. Batu Pemali or Ksadan Lulik has formed of stones structure which is arranged well in a round circle as high as one meter or more. It can be said that Batu Pemali looks like Punden terraces. The tradition starts by saying traditional oath or promise. After saying oath, the participants of the ritual must fulfill their oath or promise, because if not, they take the risk of their life. Thus, the oath utterance must be jointly agreed first from the heads of traditional procession. In the tradition of Batu Pemali, Head of Belu tribe along his residents must be present so that all people can witness rules which are agreed. After the procession of the oath ritual, the offering is put on stones’ structure. The place is the main place to put the offering. After putting the offering, the participants of the ritual cooperate to clean ancestors’ tombs.

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