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Tuesday, 22 May 2018 00:00

"Pakat" a special culinary of Mandailing, North Sumatra

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During Ramadhan, every region has a typical meal that becomes the leading menu for breaking the fast. In Medan, North Sumatra, precisely in ​​Mandailing region, rattan shoot or Pakat is a favorite menu for breaking the fast. Pakat is often served as fresh vegetables or menu complement. Pakat is a rattan shoot that has a very soft texture, so that it is easy to consume.

The taste of Pakat is somewhat bitter like other fresh vegetables in general.How to make Pakat into side dishes is quite easy. The rattan shoot is cut for one meter then roasted for half an hour by using charcoal or coconut shell stove. When it is cooked and remove the white sap, peel the outer layer then take part of the rattan fill. Cut the filling of rattan shoots for 10 centimeter. It can be consumed directly with soy sauce as fresh vegetables. Pakat can also be cooked vegetable curry with salai fish. In addition to the typical taste, the price is also quite cheap. With ten thousand rupiah, you can bring home five sticks of Pakat that have been roasted and peeled.

Pakat peddlers usually sell roasted-Pakat and provide anyang, made of coconut milk and fried coconut flesh. Order for Pakat during the holy month of Ramadan tends to increase rapidly. In addition to the Mandailing tribe, Pakat also favored by people in North Sumatra, including those the Javanese and Minang people who live in the region. They believe that Pakat can increase appetite. That's why pakat is usually consumed as menu of breaking the fast or before meal.

The bitter taste of Pakat makes other foods feel much better. Pakat is beneficial to maintain health. Pakat also believed to treat diabetes, malaria and high blood pressure. In ​​South Tapanuli, Pakat not only used as a breaking menu, but also traditional food during special ceremonies for the people of South Tapanuli and Mandailing Natal.

Are you Interested to taste pakat? You can taste it when you visit North Sumatra during Ramadan. It's easy to find Pakat on the outskirts of the city and restaurants in Medan. For example in Jalan Karya Medan, Jalan Suka Ramai, Aksara intersection, Jalan Denai, and in several other locations.






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