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Wednesday, 13 October 2021 00:00

Historical building part of the culture

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This magnificent colonial-style building is a silent witness to the history of the development of Bogor City. Located next to the Bogor palace which is currently the official residence of the President of Indonesia, this old building did not just sit there. This historic building can be said to be luckier than other historical buildings, because until now it still has the same function, namely as a hotel. Salak Heritage hotel staff named Asha told a little about the history of this old building that was built in 1856.

In 1856, this Salak hotel was named the Binnenhof hotel which was owned by the family of the Dutch governor named General Charles Ferdinand Pahud. But in 1913, the hotel was in financial crisis and a few years later, it went bankrupt and the name of this hotel was changed to NV American hotel. And this hotel was liquidated by EA Dibbets in 1922 which is the largest shareholder of NV American hotel and the name of this hotel again changed to Dibbets Hotel. Then, the hotel changed the owners and the hotel changed its name to Bellvieu Dibbets in 1932. During the Japanese colonial period, this 54-room hotel was turned into the Japanese military headquarters, Kempatai from 1942 to 1945,”said Asha

After the Japanese colonial period ended, in 1948, this building was handed over to the Indonesian government for renovation and re-function as a hotel. Asha also said that this old hotel was one of the hotels that accommodated the delegates of the first Asian-African conference which took place in 1955.

Then, this hotel was handed over to the Indonesian government in 1948 and the hotel was renovated and changed its name to Hotel Salak which is taken from the name, Gunung Salak which means Silver. Then in 1955 it became one of the hotels used in the first Asia-Africa conference,”said Asha

Preserving historical buildings is one of the keys to the sustainability of culture in Indonesia. You can also participate in maintaining it.

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