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Curug Putri Kencana

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For those of you who like water tourism, Curug Putri Kencana or in English means Putri Kencana waterfall can be the next tourism destination, especially if the visit to Indonesia hasbeen reopened. The location is in Karang Tengah, Babakan Madang, Bogor, West Java. From downtown Jakarta, this waterfall can be accessed in approximately 1.5 to 2 hours by motor vehicles. To enter Curug Putri Kencana, there is an entrance ticket worth Rp 25,000 per person, while the motorbike parking fee is Rp 10,000 and the car Rp 15,000 to Rp. 20,000. To arrive at the waterfall, you still have to take a walk about 15 minutes.

Putri Kencana waterfall is approximately 7 meters high. This waterfall is surrounded by high rock walls and wild forests. The water is famous for its blue-green color and it is very clear. The river that flows from the waterfall is only a few inches high. The clear water flow allows you to see the surface clearly. However, the lake around the waterfall is about 4 to 6 meters deep. If you want to swim, you have to be careful not to play or swim near the waterfall.

Besides swimming, you can relax in the lake or play in the river. You can also rent a float and try body rafting activities. Going down the river slowly while enjoying the fresh water is certainly challenging as well as fun. If you want to spend the night here, there is land for camping that can be rented. There are also various lodgings with varying costs. The facilities at Curug Putri Kencana are also quite complete with clean bathrooms, parking lots and restaurants.

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