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Bolu Kemejo culinary

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If someday you would like to travel to Indonesia, just taste Indonesian typical food  from many regions. If you travel to Riau Province, just try to enjoy Bolu Kemejo, because it feels incomplete if you visit Riau without enjoying Bolu Kemejo. The food is shaped like a frangipani flower and is green in color. It tastes sweet  and has a slight eggy aroma. The texture is soft and melty in the mouth.

Bolu Kemejo is made from wheat flour, butter, sugar, and eggs. The green color comes from suji leaf water mixed with pandan leaf water, and it is not artificial coloring. The original Bolu Kemojo  is made by traditional steaming to produce a typical aroma. Because Bolu Kemojo is made without artificial preservatives, it doesn't last long. If used for souvenirs, at least  it can only last about five to seven days with proper storage.

The word Kemejo in the local language means Cambodia. This typical cake of Riau is named Kemejo, because it looks like a Cambodian flower. Normally, this cake is present in various Riau traditional events. The making of Bolu Kemejo involves many people working together, because it needs a lot of  Bolu Kemojo in many traditional events. Now, Bolu Kemojo can be enjoyed not only during traditional events, but also every day. Usually, this dish is enjoyed as a snack in the afternoon with hot tea. From time by time,  Bolu Kemejo has various flavors, such as chocolate, durian, corn, banana, and dragon fruit. The price is quite cheap from  Rp 15.000 to Rp 25.000 per  baking piece.

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