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Monday, 18 October 2021 10:44

Nglambor Beach in Yogyakarta

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The beaches on the South Coast of Yogyakarta are indeed directly adjacent to the Indian Ocean which has strong waves. The ferocity of the waves sometimes makes people afraid to play on these beaches, but it does not mean that all beaches cannot be used for activities. In Gunung Kidul, there is a beautiful beach whose location is protected by coral islands so that the beach waves are quite calm and safe for activities. The beach is called ‘Nglambor Beach’.

The location of Nglambor beach is very strategic, flanked by two beaches that are also famous in Yogyakarta, namely Jogan Beach and Siung Beach. This beach is in Gunungkidul Regency, Yogyakarta. From Yogyakarta, Nglambor beach takes about 2-3 hours by motor vehicles. The condition of the road to Nglambor Beach is not too wide so that big buses cannot enter. Motor vehicles cannot park on the beach because the location is quite narrow. So, you have to walk from the parking lot. The sand on this beach is a little different, rough and black in color. Nglambor Beach sand is formed from broken shells of marine life and corals that are eroded by continuous waves. The uniqueness of Nglambor Beach can be used for snorkeling. The condition of the waters on the beach that resembles a basin is safe for swimming and snorkeling because there are two coral hills located in the middle of the sea that function as breakwaters and wave guards.

The entrance ticket to Nglambor Beach is only Rp 10,000. If you don't bring snorkeling gears, you can rent them worth around Rp 50,000. What must be remembered before doing snorkeling is that you should contact the manager first to find out information about when is the best time to do snorkeling, because the level of clarity and visibility of the water is determined by the tides. If you want to snorkel on weekends, you should make a reservation so that you don't run out of snorkeling gear at the rental place.

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