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Indrokilo Botanical Garden

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If the situation is getting better and you can travel again, please come to Indonesia, there are various interesting tourism attractions and activities. For example, if you visit Boyolali City, Central Java, there is Indrokilo Botanical Garden. While recreation, you can get more insight about the variety of lowland rainforest plants here. This Botanical Garden is located in Kampung Tempurejo, Kemiri subdistrict, Mojosongo district, Boyolali regency. It takes about 10 minutes from Boyolali square to this tourist attraction. During this pandemic, Indrokilo is only open on weekdays, from 8 am to 4.30 pm. At the entrance, tourists get their body temperature checked. In fact, it is mandatory to have at least the first dose of vaccine. In the tourist area, tourists are required to wear masks and keep their distance.

Indrokilo Botanical was built on an area of 9.35 hectares. This botanical garden has more than 900 specimens of plant collections with 7 themes of plants. They are medicinal plants, ferns, conservation, labyrinth, bamboo, local fruit and honorary plants. The special thing about Indrokilo Botanical Garden is that there are seven icons that will later become the characteristics of this tourist attraction. There is Pasingsingan Gate. The gate with the 12-meter height and 25-meter width is inspired by the gates of Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall monument in Taipei. This gate is a welcome door into the Indrokilo Botanical Garden. Passing through the welcome door, you will see the statue of Sosro Birowo. The statue with a height of 17 meters is the closest icon to the entrance of Indrokilo Botanical Gardens. Sosro Birowo is a magic spell from a man named Mahesa Jenar. He is a former soldier guarding the king who is very tough and strong. Another icon is Taman Paku. Taman Paku is one of the thematic parks in Indrokilo Botanical Gardens. As the name implies, this park stores various collections of ferns (pterodophyta) which are divided into two, outdoor and indoor. In addition to increasing knowledge, at Taman Paku, you can also take pictures as much as you want. Besides Taman Paku, you can also visit labyrinth garden. When photographed from above using a drone, the shape of this park has the concept of Gunungan Wayang which symbolizes the unity of the Indonesian nation.

The next icon is a miniature of Niagara Falls in the United States. This waterfall is located on the west side of Indrokilo Botanical Garden with a height of seven meters and a width of 34 meters. The source of this artificial waterfall is Gandul and Sombo Rivers whose flow is dammed and the water is channeled through pipes to the upstream side of the cliff with a pump. There is also the management office of Indrokilo Botanical Garden. There is a building called EBU, which stands for Electronik Banyu Udan that has rainwater processing technology into ready-to-drink water. Don’t forget to visit the Pond Painting Feature too, a replica of Prophet Noah’s ark. According to the story of Prophet Noah, the plan is that the ark will be equipped with statues of several pairs of animals. The Indrokilo tourism management has also provided public facilities such as outbound game rides, free wifi, bathrooms and prayer rooms.

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