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Nasi Buk (Buk Rice)

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If you visit an area, it will be perfect if you try to enjoy the special cuisine of the area visited. Take for example, if one day you have a chance to come back to Indonesia, please visit Malang City, East Java. Malang is well known not only for its culinary, such as bakso (meatball), bakwan, perkedel tempe or mendol, but also for its typical culinary dish called Nasi Buk or Buk rice. This is a popular dish in Malang, East Java. Even though it's popular in Malang, Nasi Buk turns out to become Madura’s special food. In the past, Nasi Buk was brought by Madura people to Malang. The name of 'Buk' came from customer's greeting, that called the seller as 'Buk' or Ma'am. In East Java, using "Buk" is a special call for Madura’s adult woment or mothers. After all, this dish has been growing up and better known in Malang than in Madura itself.

Nasi Buk consists of rice mixed with cow innard and also special seasoning of jackfruit and Rebung or bamboo shoots. The main dish is cow innard which is processed to be savory and tender. Consumer does not need to worry if he or she does not eat innards, the seller also serves fried chicken. One portion of Nasi Buk is usually served with Lodeh vegetable with bamboo shoots mixed with spit meat, yeast jerky, fried empal and lung crackers. The last thing is sprinkled with Serundeng. Nasi Buk is delicious to enjoy while it's warm.

Before being sold at the stall like nowadays, Nasi Buk was peddled around. Rice and the side dish were put in a basket and carried to be peddled. The seller went around the Pecinan and Kota Lama area until it got famous in Malang. In Malang, there are a lot of restaurants selling Nasi Buk. But if you want to try the authentic one, you can visit 'Warung Nasi Bu Matirah' in Trunojoyo. It is said that the Nasi buk Matirah stall is a pioneer in serving this Madura cuisine. Nasi Buk is relatively cheap; it's around Rp 20,000. This dish is usually sold in the morning as breakfast.

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