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Monday, 01 November 2021 13:14

Kali Uluh beach in East Java

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Kali Uluh beach is located in Klesem Village, Kebonagung, Pacitan, East Java. This beach is only 35 kilometers from Pacitan City, and it takes 1-2 hours by motor vehicles to the beach. Land transportation is the only way to get to the beach. But you have to be careful with the roads that are up and down, and the roads are steep.

When you arrive at the Kali Uluh beach, you can explore the typical areas of the beach. If you go to the west side, you will find high cliffs that become a barrier between the coast and the mainland. Furthermore, you will also find a collection of colorful fishing boats there. Due to the strong flow, you are recommended not to swim too far from the beach. And if you love surfing, you need to get permission from the coast guard first.

Strong flow with typical waves in the south coast and dominated by corals and rocks is the characteristics of the beach. In Kali Uluh beach, you can also enjoye a beautiful waterfall. The waterfall is usually used by tourists for cleaning their body from sand and sea water. They also can enjoy the view around the waterfall.

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