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Wednesday, 24 November 2021 13:06

President deems investment as the means to a better economy

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President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) reminded that investment is the anchor of recovery for the economy that has been declining due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Jokowi delivered the statement during the opening of the 2021 National Coordination Meeting and Investment Service Award here on Wednesday, as seen during a virtual broadcast.

"Investment is the anchor of economic recovery, because the state budget for all countries is the same. It is hard, (everyone experiences) deficit, all (areas experience) deficits," Jokowi explained.

The president noted that all countries harbor a common concern regarding the deficit, especially if the deficit is returned to normal conditions, then there will be pressure again.

"This pandemic has had an impact everywhere, really. In all areas, there are (effects). Together, imagine, tens of thousands of trillions are (restrained) together because (we) want to return to a normal deficit again. This is also worrisome, yet there is no calculation," he added.

The president emphasized that Indonesia could not rely or focus exceedingly on the State Budget, and to this end, he had also urged the finance minister to exercise caution in managing the State Budget.

“Hence, what is beyond the state budget must be activated. Back again, to investment,” he stressed.

He also lauded the ministries, agencies, and regions that received awards pertaining to investment and licensing matters. Jokowi reminded all stakeholders to always provide best services so as to make it easier for the people to invest.

The president is keen that all investors, small or large, receive the best service and treatment. If it was necessary, he even called for the necessary documents for investors to be delivered at their doorstep, as a form of best service that he had earlier highlighted.

Jokowi believes that investors were not guaranteed to come despite a well-executed investment service, let alone if it was terrible. Hence, only the best service must be offered, so as to entice them.

The president deems investment important for the sake of economic growth. The government is seeking the multiplier effects of investments, such as new job opportunities, purchasing power, and circulation of money among members of the public. (Antaranews)

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