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Wednesday, 01 December 2021 13:20

Campuhan Hill

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Campuhan Hillis is one of the beautiful natural tourism attractions in Bali, featuring green hills, valleys, and meadows. It’s very different when compared to other tourism attractions in Bali, that feature views of the sea and tourism of rare animals. Campuhan Hill was once one of the songs by an Indonesian band called Slank, entitled ‘Tepi Campuhan’ that describes the beauty of this hill. Campuhan Hill is very popular because it is located in the Gunung Lebah Temple area. The area is very sacred  to the Hindu community in Bali.

You can do various activities in this green nature to restore your energy. This place is also the best choice for those of you who want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city in Bali. Jogging or traveling while enjoying the green natural scenery at Campuhan Hill is the perfect choice for those who want to refresh their mind and soul. One of the traveling routes is Campuhan Ridge Walk. This route is famous for its natural beauty and thick Balinese atmosphere. Capturing the beauty of nature into your camera is certainly the first choice if you visit this hill. If you have a talent for painting, of course you also want to monumentalize it with a touch of oil paint on the canvas.

There are various choices for you to enjoy the fresh air in this hill. One of them is various lodging facilities around the Campuhan hill area. The hill, which is open for 24 hours and is free of charge, will make you feel free to enjoy the surrounding scenery. You can travel for 1 hour from downtown Kuta, Bali to arrive at Campuhan hill. Strict health protocols are still enforced in this area so that it would be better if you prepare them before leaving for this hill.

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