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Buboho Tourism Village

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If someday you can visit Indonesia again, please visit Gorontalo province. This province with nickname Veranda of Medina has a religious tourism destination called the Buboho tourism village.This tourism village with 10 kilometers away from the downtown has a religious tourism based on nature. It is located in Bongo village, Batudaa Pantai subdistrict.

This tourism village has various tourism attractions. One of them is the natural boarding school. There are students who study the science of Islam. Inside the natural boarding school, there is a typical view of Buboho, namely the rows of Wambohe or Gorontalo's typical huts. Next, there are wooden buildings that have the same type of Toyopo or a container for storing cakes when the Bungo community commemorates the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad SAW. In addition, this village is also a place to learn the history of the Gorontalo Kingdom. In this village, you can find Maa Taduwolo, a place that stores various sources related to the Gorontalo Kingdom. In Buboho village, you can see a collection of wooden fossils neatly lined up on the ground in front of the entrance.

When you visit Buboho village, you can also visit other tourism attractions, such as Dulanga beach, Gold Walima Bubohu Mosque, Nature Karst Museum, and Wooden Fossil Nature Museum. If you want to visit Gold Walima Mosque, you can go up to the top of the hill. It was built in 2008 and the dome is made from gold. From the mosque, you can see the amazing scenery of Tomini bay.

Another village attraction is Walima Parade that is usually held to celebrate the Prophet's Birthday. In general, Walima is held in the nearest mosques and it starts with Dzikr all night long. When visiting Buboho, don’t forget to taste its typical culinary, you can try Kolombengi cake, Sukade cake, Ancestors powder (bubuk leluhur), ancestors salad (lalapan leluhur), and wheel cake (kue roda). For gifts, you can buy the local people’s crafts. There is Karawo, the Gorontalo’s traditional cloth that is made manually. It has a high value of art, because it is made with the process of difficult embroidering and the motifs are also varied.

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